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When : Sep. 1st, 2013 at 5 PM  


Where : Kyunghee Unv. Grand Peace Palace  (1, Hoegi-dong, Dogndaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea)


Ticket : KRW 33,000 (excluding commission or shipping charges)


Where to Purchase 


 Ticket (KR)

 Ticket (US)



Ticketing information

1. One ticket is limited for purchase per person.        

2. Ticketing will be opened three times.

- First: Aug. 2nd, 2013(Fri) 8PM ~ Aug. 5th, 2013(Mon) 12PM (KST)

- Second: Aug. 5th, 2013 (Mon) 8PM ~ Aug. 6th, 2013(Tue) 12PM (KST)

- Third: Aug. 6th, 2013(Tue) 8PM ~ Aug. 31st, 2013(Sat) 5PM (KST)


3. 4th HOTTEST members can pre-book. Please check the ticketing schedule for each membership type

- First: 4th HOTTEST Gold Card holders from Nov. 5, 2012 (Mon) to Dec. 5, 2012(Wed)

- Second: 4th HOTTEST Gold/Silver Card holders from Nov. 5, 2012 (Mon) to Jul. 30, 2013 (Tue)

- Third: Both Gold and Silver Card holders and Non-HOTTEST members


4. To book a ticket during the 1st/2nd period, Log in to the Interpark with the account that you registered the fan club with5. You can log on to the same account you used to join the fan club if you lost or have not yet received the membership card, as the website records your membership information.

6. While all seats are opened on the 1st ticketing, there may be early closure.  

7. For a reference, those HOTTEST members who could not make a pre-booking can still purchase a ticket during the third ticketing.

8. During the third ticketing, there may be additional seats on sale with limited visibility. 

9. Special MD will be sold with respect to this fan meeting, and more detailed information will be noticed later


Note when Ticketing

1. If a person buys two or more tickets, the rest except the first one shall be cancelled without notice. 

2. Exchanges or refunds are not allowed on the day of fan meeting.

3. Unofficial sales, direct dealings or transactions other than the Official Ticketing Website (Interpark) Sales are considered illegal. Illegal tickets will be cancelled without prior notification, and legal actions may be taken against the buyer or seller, and those tickets cannot be refunded. The person shall take the responsibilities for any damages caused by such transactions. Host, supervising organization and ticketing agency hold no liabilities regarding such matter.

4. Physically challenged person (and one accompanying person) may purchase a ticket by contacting Interpark Call Center (1544-1555). Tickets can be received at the site on the day of the fan meeting. Admissions will not be allowed without welfare card.



Seating Chart may be changed due to the stage design



Ticket Delivery

1. In the early stage of booking, tickets will be sent in a lump to prevent congestion on the day of the event. Tickets that are booked after the lump-sum delivery will be distributed at the site. (Lump-sum delivery: August 13th, 2013 (Tue))

2. Tickets that are mailed cannot be re-issued, so please keep your ticket. (Re-issues and admissions without the hardcopy of the ticket are not allowed in any case)

3. Mailed ticket cannot be cancelled on the website and will be cancelled when the return process is finished at Interpark head office.

4.  If your ticket is sent back, you shall receive it at the ticket booth on the event day. Please contact Interpark Call Center with respect to returning the tickets.


Ticket receipt at the site and admission

1. You may receive the ticket  3 hours prior to fan meeting.

2. ID card, booking number/ receipt is required to check at the booth. 

3. Tickets cannot be reissued and no admission will be allowed without tickets, so please keep the ticket carefully.

4. Admission will be allowed 1 hour prior to the fan meeting. Please be admitted at least 10 minutes before the event starts.

5. “One Ticket per One Person” Rule shall be strictly observed.  

6. Seats are sold based on hard-ticket and it is recommended to check own seat.

7. Please possess the ticket even when you clear the seat for a brief moment. Re-entering will not be allowed without a ticket. 

8. Please note that admission will be restricted once the fan meeting starts.  (You may take a different seat led by the staff or wait until next break in order to not interrupt other seated people)


Note when watching fan meeting

1. No wreath or banner will be put in the hallway.

2. Taking pictures, videos or any other tape-recording will be strictly prohibited. Those pictures or videos that are exposed will be deleted and anyone caught taking pictures or recording will be asked to leave from the fan meeting.

3. Legal action will be taken against the person who distributes photos or videos of the fan meeting, which infringes intellectual property rights of 2PM and JYP Entertainment.

4. Bottles, firecracker, lasers and any other dangers objects and food will not be allowed at the venue.

5. Please refrain any actions that would interrupt others, and the staffs will impede anyone from doing so.

6. For fear of losing, no stockroom or cabinet will be opened.  

7. Please pack light and make sure that you have all your belongings with you. You are solely responsible for your personal belongings.

8. The host holds no responsibility for any chaos and accidents caused by disobeying the above notes or the staff. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

9. Fan meeting may be cancelled due to natural disasters.  



No parking space available.. Strongly recommend to use public transportation.


Subway: Hoegi station, line no. 1, take exit 1, catch a local bus going to Kyunghee Univ.

Bus: 1215, 273, 1222, 147, 261  Get off at Kyunghee University or Kyunghee Middle and High school