• 1. Mr. NO♡
    5. Ocean Waves
    6. My House
    7. Don't Leave Me (Feat. Baek A Yeon)
    8. NO LOVE Part 2 (Feat. San E)

Mr. NO♡


JUN. K of 2PM makes a solo comeback on August 9th! ‘Perfect album’ exhibits his dominant musical ability.
Adding his performance and vocal skills onto song and lyric making… Multi-talented musician’s ‘real music’.

- JUN. K of 2PM - a song-maker, vocalist, and performer- comes back with his first mini album ‘Mr. NO♡’!
- Comes back as an ‘all-round producer’ with his song-making, vocal, and performance! JUN. K’s first solo title song ‘THINK ABOUT YOU’ truly excited the public.
- JUN. K comes back with a perfect album with his performance + vocal + producing + dance. Talented musician’s ‘real music’.

JUN. K, who truly deserves the modifier, ‘Competent ALL PACKAGE Musician’, comes back with his first solo mini album ‘Mr. NO♡’ on August 9th.

JUN. K, not as a member of 2PM but a solo artist, has all by himself provided all the work required, including song-making, producing, and performing for his first mini album ‘Mr. NO♡’. He, as a member of 2PM, has created numerous hit songs such as ‘GO CRAZY!’ and ‘My House’, and has used such capability to fill his solo album with his own songs.

8 years after his debut, he finally became his own producer, being able to provide a ‘perfect album’ that displays his own music and color. Also, his splendid performances on the stage will add up to the musical features, allowing himself to express his talent as an all-round artist.

JUN. K’s first solo mini album 'Mr. NO♡' consists of his title song ‘THINK ABOUT YOU’ and 7 other songs- 'Mr. NO♡', 'BETTER MAN', 'YOUNG FOREVER', 'Ocean Waves', 'My House', 'Don't Leave Me', and ‘NO LOVE Part 2’.

The title song ‘THINK ABOUT YOU’ is a song of 2 genres combined, R&B and FUTURE, and is an experimental song with his new musical trials in it. Beginning with the theme ‘THINK’, it expresses with strong sound and performance, the harsh feeling of thinking of a person who can never be forgot. Mournful lyrics such as ‘I Think About You, Do You Think About Me?’, ‘Every time I picture you in my mind, I think about you’ truly touches one’s feelings.

Also, ‘My House (Acoustic ver.)’, a track that cannot be missed, is a cover of 2PM’s 5th official album title song ‘My House’, which is produced with JUN. K’s unique musical sensation. ‘BETTER MAN’ features simple guitar rhythms and rough vocal sound, and delivers you the feeling that he is singing right next you.

Furthermore, ‘Don't Leave Me’, which was pre-released as a digital single, delivers gentle guitar sounds and deep acoustic sensibility; as a duet song by JUN. K and ‘Music Chart Queen’ Baek A Yeon, it has drawn wide attention from the public.

  • Mr. NO♡

  • NO.5

  • GO CRAZY...