• 1. My House
    2. Nobody Else
    3. Hallucination
    4. Not The Only One
    5. Hotter Than July
    6. About To Go Insane
    7. RED
    8. Wanna Love You Again
    9. Know Your Mind
    10. Magic
    11. Jump
    12. Good Man



‘2PM’ Returns with the 5th Album [No.5]!
Written, Composed, and Produced by 2PM Members! The 5th Album ‘No.5’ is Released! Total of 12 Tracks!

- 2PM Returns with the 5th Album ‘No.5’ After 9 Months.
- 2PM Members Have Participated in the Lyrics, Composition, and Production in 9 of Total 12 Tracks.
- ‘No.5’, a Highly Completed Album with Various Genres such as Acoustic, R&B, Funky, Electronic Sound, and so on.
- The Title Track ‘My House’, an Electronic Sound that Describes a Man’s Genuine Heart as He is Strongly Attracted to a Woman.

‘2PM’ returns with the 5th album [No.5].

After the release of the 4th album ‘GO CRAZY!’ in September 2014, 2PM releases a new album after 9 months in Korea. Again with Jun. K’s self-written song ‘My House’, this comeback raises sense of expectancy to subjugate the pop music society again with sensible feel and performance.

Furthermore, as 2PM members have shown their abilities as singer-songwriters by releasing self-written songs with Japan Single album previously, this album is special to contain musician 2PM’s unique music colors. This highly completed album, total of 12 songs, with various genres such as acoustic, R&B, Funky, Electronic Sound raises great expectations.

The 5th album [NO.5]’s title track ‘My House’ is Jun. K’s self-written song with triplet swing rhythm. Using a straightforward speech of a man, who is strongly attracted to a woman, the song has a combination of addictive performance rhythm and electronic source arranged throughout. As the balance of the acoustic guitar and Synth sound maximizes the groove feeling and gives diverse expressions rather than belonging to just one genre, this impressive song shows Jun. K’s musical spectrum.

In addition, written/composed by Junho, ‘Nobody Else’ has urban hip-hop based rhythm with dreamlike percussion, and sophisticated sound. The song is impressive with an elaborate description of the only woman as the lyrics describe own woman to a subject.

Written and composed by e.one and rap making by Taecyeon, ‘Hallucination’ is a medium tempo song with Pluck Synth sound that covers the entire song and a tense string in the chorus.

Composed by 김태성, Frost, Secret Weapon, and Jun. K and written by Jun.K , ‘Not The Only One’ is a strong yet simple beat medium tempo song. The song stands out with the urban R&B tracks with lyrical piano and brass session.

Written by 2PM member Chansung and rap making by Taecyeon, ‘Hotter Than July’ is a sexy R&B song. The song has masculine charm as it describes that the woman he loves is hotter than the heat of July in a lovely way.

‘About To Go Insane’ is written and composed by Taecyeon and composer 라파엘, who worked on Taecyeon’s self-written song ‘Fight’ and ‘Chocolate’ that ranked Top 1 on Japan’s largest ringtone site Recochoku daily and weekly charts. It is an elegant urban track about a love and hatred toward ‘a woman’, who doesn’t just love him only.

Written by 김은수, composed by Andreas Oberg, Chris Wahle, and Jummy Burney, and rap making by Taecyeon, ‘RED’ is very attractive with Taecyeon’s powerful rap. The song describes a frank story of a man, who has to hide but cannot hide his strong feelings for a woman.

Written and composed by Chansung, and rap making by Taecyeon, ‘Wanna love you again’ describes the sorrow of an unforgettable parted lover. This slow tempo R&B song contains new feelings that 2PM did not try before.

‘Know your mind’ is a sweet R&B song that tells that one already knows about the how the lover feels.

Written and composed by Taecyeon, ‘Magic’ shows 2PM’s extreme magnetism and the song has a good combination of the three themes: mystery, new jack swing, funky.

Written and composed by Taecyeon, ‘Jump’ is highly attractive. Its electronic sound makes the song cool and easy to sing along.

Written and composed by Chansung, ‘Good Man’ is masculine and sexy R&B song as a man is strongly attracted at first sight and promises to be a good man.

This album contains total of 12 songs in various genres. As 2PM members participated in the album with affections, the album raises its quality further and will make the fan’s heart sweet.

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